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My most memorable Brumbies Super Rugby final
Tim Gavel's most memorable Brumbies Super Rugby final experience with his Globite suitcase. Read the whole story here
globite your storypicketfenceimports Just goes to show you some things never go out of vogue! The good old Globite School Case still as popular today as it was in 1966!!
globite your storyemilystrangeness very first day of school and proudly toting my red #globite school case #1981 #vintage #retro
I used to have the small school bags in the 1960’s when it was time for me to get a new one, my Dad used my old one to take his lunch to work
globite your storythewoodsfolk Big news, look what we have found! Beautiful 'old school' style cases. Complete with stickers: pre-stuck or DIY. $44. You guys keep admiring our display ones and now you can take one home!! #baglove #caselove #globite
globite your storySheree Winward-williams That's me in the front with mine in 1979
I still have my four globite school bags and im 52
globite your storyLinda Reynolds 1969
globite your storyCheryl Attridge This is what mine look like now.
I had one at high school best cases ever made
globite your storySandra Mcmillan
globite your storyCarolyn Butcher Don't recall if this is a Globite but mine was a dark blue colour. First day of school, Feb 1968 in Auckland
I've never owned anything else that could take the punishment my school case took
globite your storyKirsten Taylor 1975 - my first day of school with my new globite
globite your storyLynette Reay My husband and his Globite
They were the premium school case to have
globite your storyChristine Power My first day 55 years ago
globite your storyKim Fletcher omg brings back good memories. I even remember in Primary School we had raincoats for the cases and for our shoes in wet weather lol Photo approx 1964
They were made to last the best
globite your storyLouise Cleary 1969.....and I still have it
globite your storyDebbie Mitchell Here's mine around 1969
opening ceremony olympic games globite school port
globite your storyDonna Potirakis Still have mine, covered in stickers from the past. Strong enough to sit on after a long day at school waiting for the bus home. Privileged to own one.
globite your storyJodie Leanne Travers
built to last
globite your storyLinda Johnson The smell of squashed bananas lingers on
globite your storyJohanna Moore Found mine. My brother and I on my first day of kindergarten
useful as seats took punishment
globite your storyJill Walsh 1st day of Grade 1 in 1975
globite your storyNarelle Blakeman First day of school age 5 in 1966 with my globite case.
globite your storyMark Hammersley
globite your storyKerri Patricia I had a small one for school in the 60’ was so tough and was thrown around quite a bit, and was used somewhere down the line by all of my siblings. I still have this one which was bigger and used for sits proudly in a bookshelf and I use it for storage these days (I think it still looks great!)
ford sherington
globite your storyCara Riach I joined the Regular Army and needed a suitcase to take to basic training...and it has travelled Aust with me since the late 70's......
globite your storyCara Riach She went every where with it around Australia....overseas...on boats ,planes,cars,buses.....and then
globite plastic school case
globite your storyCara Riach This was my Aunty's suitcase...then
globite your storySandy De Jong Yes I remember this is my first day of school mid 60s maybe 66
globite bag store child hood treasures
globite your storyLanii Douglas
globite your storyLanii Douglas Here she is the following year. It's become a tradition to photograph her with my cases. I have another of her with a bigger one. I can post up later if you like.
kindergarten globite case
globite your storyKate Cox Lined up with my 5 brothers 1970 - Globites at the ready
globite your storyMark Chapple 1967
globite strong durable
globite your storyScotty Weatherstone
globite your storySelwyn Steley Here's a pic of the inside of mine from 1970 which I still use for storage of photos.
carry small globite case
globite your storyCheryl Attridge This was my school bag
globite your storyRos Adams My school bag from 1969 to 1974
I am as tough as a globite school bag
globite your storyLee-Ann N Michael Gooley Back pack in '66
globite your storydancerbelle888 I love Gumtree...found these cute vintage suitcases to store my numerous pairs of regular & dance shoes...I only wish I knew what era they were from!
globite tennis suit case metal corners
globite your storyflutterbychic My crafternoon assistant is once again run off her feet! #crazycatlady #crafternoon #sewing #globite #reuse #vintagefabric
globite your storyobnovintage
slide down wooden school hallway floor
globite your storynewportredcrossshop 45 yr old Globite school case
globite your storylifebuoy_cafe A lovely old suitcase by Globite - finding its way home soon to the grandson of the man who owned the company. The search is over.
tough memories bus high school globites
globite your storydaxville #globite #costumedesigner #suitcase #daxville #labels
globite your storytheinventry Time traveller...
walking home globite children mementos
globite your storyreretroblog Old Globite schoolcase
globite your storychinderahbayantiques
primary school
globite your storydaylesfordmillmarket Beautiful Vintage Suitcases
globite your storyconorlion Vintage Suitcases #Globite #oldworldtravel #suitcases #travel #vintage #leather #stripes
very durable port school
globite your storygarytsl Those who carried a school case like this to school say aye!
globite your story2ndhandstudio Strange rectangle shape! Super cool!
best school case ever made
globite your storyurban_rustic and still packing it
globite your storyurban_rustic back to [old] school #yay #vintage #globite #oldschool #suitcases #love
sit on our globites
globite your storyteapotsandpistols Yes, I Have A Thing For Old Cases Too!
globite your storynannahadthat This would have to be one of the nicest Globite ports I have seen - it's large, it's navy, it's gorgeous.
love school case memories
globite your storycalicoindustree Storage solutions for photographs and loose parts
globite your storyweebumpydragon Treasures from #antiquefair
started school brown one
globite your storyboganvogue Found something else and it got whole lot better when we saw the vintage stickers inside.
globite your storyfrenchfortuesday This is the start of the suitcase collection. As a home decoration they look fab, but also very handy for storage.
most people had one first day at school
globite your storyLynn Nerdal‎ My first Globite, Canberra, Australia 1961
globite your storyGreg Turnbull First day of school. Ashbury 1966
globite your storySue Napier‎ Sydney 1960's...
globite your storySimon Morgan those were the days
globite your storySimon Morgan did they make a special back in the day
globite your Little brown school cases going to the vintage beach house interstate for on trend bedside shelves.
O how I love thee three little browns #globite #brownschoolcase #vintage #beachhouse #vintage #vintagedreamer #adelaide #ontrend
globite your storyrecycology #vintageluggage #stumbleuponin
globite your storyLorin Heah I’m not sure if these are the old steam trunks? I used them for a wishing well at a wedding.
globite your storyStephen Bean Wow almost forgot I used to have one for Primary school!
globite your storyMark Hammersley
globite your storyGraham Hayden
globite your storyChristine Justice Luggage size and school case. I love the latches on the big one and the school cases were perfect for putting on their end and using as a seat.
globite your storyNeil Leigh Here are a few of mine.
globite your storyPaul Birch My old Globite (1964) school case.
globite your storyCathy Kinsey Mine is still as good as new.
globite your storyKyle William My brother and I did a print ad in school uniform with our trusty Globites about 48 or 49 years ago!
globite your storyCarolyn Foster I had a few Globite suitcases growing up. One lasted a long time well into my adulthood, but didn’t make it with the many moves over the years. I do however have pictures of me with my Globite case that I used for school. Taken in 1964. My first day of school.
globite your storyFiona Wardman
globite your storyJohn Morton I take it on all of our trips but I wouldn’t subject it to aeroplane travel.
globite your storyJohn Morton My Globite.
globite your storyGail Veronica 40 years old. I use to buy my daughter a school bag a year.
globite your storyGail Veronica
globite your storyJennifer Cox My brother and I and our Globite in approximately 1983.
globite your storyMiyo Baker And I still have mine I’m the little one on the far left also have a yellow bigger one I got a few years later.
globite your storyWendy Weekes 1960s version that I’ve covered with stamps & envelopes sent to me by family and friends, and then lacquered. Great storage for old letters.
globite your storyKaren N Kerry Clayton Found this a while back... that would be in 1971
globite your storyLisa Schofield Here’s my first Globite on my first day of kindergarten back in 1982. Mum wrapped green ribbon around my handle so I knew which was mine.
globite your storyKerry Souter First day of school with my brother and our globites. Still have it ... storing a kid’s train set.
globite your storySiobhan Harding This used to be my port from primary school (around the time we got the telephone by the sticker inside - early 1980s ) now I keep my sewing stuff in it
globite your storyAmanda Spencer My treasured Globite!
globite your storyAlani Winter January 1981
globite your storyJacqueline Perigo One of my favourite photos from my childhood, me (2nd from left) with my two brothers and sister.
globite your storyCorinne Copeland Kindy Port 1970
globite your storySue Scarcella Off to High School 1969. My friend Vicki, on the right, has a Globite.
globite your storyCol Johnston Here’s a very old one I found recently
globite your storyMonique Chilton A little dusty but still in perfect condition! Love them!
globite your storyJanine Hone Love my case
globite your storyMichelle Jones
globite your storySusan Kate O’Keeffe Here’s my son’s from 1977, used for the Grandkiddies’ matchbox cars now.