A Century of Trust: Globite's Heritage

Explore our series of interviews with Globite customers, a testament to the hundreds who reached out, sharing their Globite stories. These stories from as far back as the 1960s celebrate the enduring reliability and trust that Globite has built over generations, proving our commitment to being a timeless companion for travellers everywhere.


After his father's passing, Stuart finds his childhood Globite school case in the shed, rekindling a strong connection to his past. He recalls his father personalising the suitcases for him and his twin sister, a proud moment that stood out in his youth. Decades later, this case serves as a lasting reminder of his childhood and family ties.

Emily remembers her childhood beach trips in New South Wales and starting school with her red Globite case. Over time, the case transitioned from a basic school accessory to a personal storage for her friends' letters. It eventually became a symbol of her readiness to tackle life's challenges.

Carolyn's story begins at age five, traveling across Australia and New Zealand with her family. Carolyn's Globite suitcase, covered in stickers despite her teachers' disapproval, becomes a symbol of her adventures and personal growth. Through her father's photographs and the lasting presence of the suitcase, Carolyn reflects on the invaluable lessons and historical connections she gained from her travels.

Marie recalls her school days marked by her Globite suitcase, considered a symbol of coolness among her peers. The suitcases were not just for carrying books but were integral to schoolyard games, doubling as sturdy seats and makeshift cricket wickets. Reflecting on a cherished photograph with her brother, each sporting their Globite on their first school day, Marie appreciates the brand's lasting impact on her childhood, blending playful rebellion with enduring quality.

Did you grow up with a Globite suitcase?

If it traveled with you to school, accompanied you on adventures, or holds special memories, we’d love to hear your story.