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Our luggage is rigorously lab tested to human exhaustion.
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crinkle crease free tips

The life of a crinkled traveller.

Traveling in general is a pain - let alone traveling with formal wear. Everyone at one point in their life has experienced the anxieties of trying to look presentable.

Globite generally has a product to make your journey that little bit easier, but when it comes to crinkle free traveling, we too are still trying to find a solution. Did someone say battery operated, pocket size portable steamer?

Here are a few simple hacks and tricks we have discovered over our one hundred years of traveling.

There are two people in this world; the organised pack-a-week-before and the pack-the-night-before.

Whether you are either one we guarantee you have been packing the wrong way.

Our first tip is to iron or if you have the time, dry clean your garments before packing. In the long run this will help to reduce wrinkles and avoid any unnecessary creases.

As tempting as it is to just throw everything into the bag and deal with it all when you get to your hotel, don’t. Folding your clothes when you pack alright yes will take you that extra ten minutes but in the long run it’ll save you the stress of ironing out every little crease and crevice - that is if your hotel even has an iron.

Lucky for us, clothes were made to be folded. Take a pair of trousers for instance, most have a seam that runs along the side of the leg. If you fold across the seam you are less likely to create any new and unwanted creases.

A suit jacket should be turned inside out and folded. Jackets are generally multilayered, this way all the fold creases will be unseen on the inside of the jacket.

Dress shirts are a little more challenging but do-able. You’ll need to button your shirt leaving the collar unbuttoned, flip the shirt onto its back, fold the shirt in half with the sleeves towards the outside, then fold them back parallel to the buttons and roll towards the collar! simple.

Garment bags - although being a pain to travel with - are also a good investment for when it comes to travelling with formal gear. The extra plastic layer prevents garments for rubbing which causes more wrinkles and promises a stain-free journey. Plus, garment bags count as carry-on luggage.

Do you remember waking up on school days to your uniforms hanging in the bathroom. Well just to clarify you mother may not seem as crazy as she looked. Steam from the shower acts as a lesser but still helpful iron. Hanging your clothes in the bathroom whilst you take a hot shower is one of the oldest tricks in the books.

Can’t find an iron? hovering a hairdryer above the garment for 2-3 minutes will also do the trick.

Thankfully, we are not the only ones who experience the post-travel wrinkle dilemma. Companies are now backing the science behind wrinkle-resistant and non-iron shirts - every traveler dream. Wrinkle resistant shirts look\feel like the real deal but are generally chemical treated during the finishing process. HOWEVER be careful about which company you buy from as the chemicals that are present may be harmful- I personally would rather sacrifice my shirt over my health. Companies like Twillory and Bluffworks are one of the few who have produced a safe-crinkle-free-cotton.

Finally, with all chemicals aside our last and foremost tip is to know your fabrics. Synthetic fabrics such as polyester and nylon are best to travel with as they are naturally wrinkle free. Whereas natural materials (although they look and feel he best) such as cottons and silks will crease at any opportunity.

We hope we have helped!
Love always, the team @Globite.

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