Eat Your Way Around the World...

Eat Your Way Around the World...

Culinary travel is fast becoming one of the most popular reasons that people travel today! But, if you tend to stick to the foods you know instead of trying the local delicacies here are 3 good reasons to try:

1. Discovery: how do you know you don't like it if you never try it? Discovering new flavours and taste sensations is an important part of eating and enjoying food. Who knows, you may even introduce new and exotic flavours in to your favourite recipes back home! 

2. Culture: food can tell you a lot about the culture and heritage of the country and the different customs practised while eating. Tip - it's always good to brush up on food etiquette before you arrive to avoid any awkward moments. 

3. Ritual: in many countries food and eating is a ritual that's intended to bring families and friends closer together. It's a time to slow down, share your thoughts, reflect on the day and give gratitude for all that you have. It also helps you meet new and interesting people. 
Travelling alone? Why not strike up a conversation with the locals over dessert... 



So next time you find yourself in a foreign country, hungry and heading towards the nearest KFC, ditch the fast food and give the local street food a try instead. You may just surprise yourself.

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