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summer road trip

Road Trippin’ – How to Create an Instant Classic

There’s nothing like the feeling of being on the open road. First there’s the planning, car packing, the maps, the snacks and the playlists. Then it’s time to set off. The humble road trip is the perfect way to make your journey as important as your destination.

Road trips can be so rewarding, especially in a country like ours, with rugged beauty at every turn and so many wonders to behold. Start when you like. Stop when you like. Not only are road trips an inexpensive way to create lasting travel memories – they are a right of passage for adults and children alike. Road tripping is a rewarding way to discover local gems, create wonderful stories to tell and give you a sense of instant nostalgia.

road trip destination

Where to? – Choose your destination

How on earth do you decide which of the many wondrous road journeys you want to take? Well, it all depends on how much time you have and how many stops you want to make! A few landmarks and destinations that consistently top the must-see lists in Australia are:

Crossing the Nullabor – This long expanse of treeless plains is on many peoples bucket list. Despite there being a lack of trees, there is no lack of stunning landscapes and wildlife to enjoy.

Great Barrier Reef, QLD – the largest living structure on the planet, spanning almost the entire length of QLD, the Great Barrier Reef must be experienced for all it’s world heritage listed glory. Pack your swimmers, mask and snorkel – you’ll need them here! There’s always your wet bag to tuck them into afterwards!

Lake Hillier, WA – Not one of the most talked about landmarks, but certainly one of the most fascinating, this pink lake is a somewhat hidden gem and is located off the coast of Kalbarri in WA, approximately 700km from Perth.

Exmouth, WA - A true wonder and never to be repeated experience is paying a visit to the whale sharks off the coast of Exmouth in WA. The trip from Perth to Exmouth is just over 1200km and worth every one! The Coral Coast enroute to Exmouth has an abundance of stunning locations to stop at and boasts the striking colors of red dirt against aqua water. It is a sight to behold and the splendor of this journey will be long enjoyed for its world-class scenes.

Great Ocean Road, VIC - Consistently touted as one of the best road trips on the planet, the dynamic landscape of the Great Ocean Road must be experienced! Although the drive can be done in a day, you’d be mad to not slow down and take in the whole region, the highlight of which being the Twelve Apostles. These (now eight remaining) massive limestone structures created over millions of years are best viewed at dawn to beat the tour buses or take a picnic and soak in the majesty of these giants rising out of the ocean.

Make Safe

As Lord Baden Powell so wisely once said: be prepared. Long road journeys can require stamina as the driver so as well as keeping hydrated and stocking up on food, rest is essential. Careful planning or sharing the driving responsibility is ideal for long trips and researching the areas you’re travelling to can be hugely beneficial. Avoid peak driving times where possible and give yourself some freedom to relax and take in the journey.

Obviously, safety on road trips is of paramount importance. Getting a complete mechanical check prior to your trip is a must, including a thorough inspection of your tyres, a brake check and a making sure you have an emergency kit (especially for isolated parts of the country). Pack smart and check the vehicles load capacity. Over-packing the vehicle can lead to excess fuel consumption. Packing cubes are a great way to minimise excess baggage and keep things easy to find on the trip. GPS trackers are a must for both navigational and safety reasons, so keep one in the car as well as your old-fashioned paper maps for when you may be out of range of any signal.

It seems obvious that fuel is a necessity on road trips but with literally hundreds of kilometers between service stations at some points throughout this great brown land, some careful planning is required here. A good rule of thumb is to try not to let the fuel gauge get below half and then you will always be stocked up with no need for concern.

If travelling with kids, keep them comfortable! Little neck pillows for the journey are always a good idea as well as plenty of snacks, water and games!

packing cubes neck pillow

Let the Games Begin

Just like road trips themselves, when it comes to games, the classics are often the best! Eye Spy (of course!) and Would You Rather, which gives you choice of two equally disgusting, imagination-generated options to pick from are old favorites. Movie games can also be a great pass-time. One such game goes: the first participant chooses an actor, the following participant then chooses a film that actor has been in, followed by the third participant choosing another actor from the aforementioned film and so on.

Add-on story telling is an easy, fun one too! One person starts a story and the rest of the passengers take turns at adding parts of the story until it comes to last passenger who must wrap it up! Or, if you want to make like a plane, set up a movie or some games on the tablet for the passengers and cruise on.

Play the Ultimate Journey Juke Box

Put your co-pilot in charge of the tunes! It’s always a good idea to include some upbeat tracks (perhaps some classic eighties) for the fun-factor and sing along value alone! Bust out some Christmas carols if it’s that time of year, or for a more subdued mood try some Dire Straits greatest hits for cool cruising vibes.

The wonders of modern technology means you can load up your MP3 player with playlist after playlist and let the good times roll. A good playlist can make or break a road trip so put some effort into this one! Make sure to pack your car charger – no one want’s to have to switch to regional radio because there’s no battery left!

Take Pictures!

Wherever you decide to travel to, there will most certainly be some exceptional photo opportunities along the way. With nature doing most of the work for you, just insert family members or travel buddies and snap away. When capturing the stunning Australian coast a waterproof floating phone case will have you covered for any conditions along your trip and protect your all important communication device from damage.

Lastly, set the dial to slow and take your time to take in every moment of your road trip. Although conditions can sometimes be challenging and slow, ultimately road tripping is a truly rewarding experience and accomplishment to enjoy. The unparalleled freedom and expansiveness that this type of travel has to offer will stay with you long after you return home.


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