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silly season survival tips

You’ve diligently counted down the days till Christmas break, mentally you checked out weeks ago. So when the moment that you’ve not so patiently been waiting for finally arrives, best make sure you’ve made your list and checked it twice to avoid any silly season slip-ups and to make the most of your well-deserved down time.

1. Sleigh the packing!

Whether you’re the type to get your suitcase packed three weeks in advance or you prefer to ‘live in the moment’ and leave it right up until the last minute, there’s a few things you should consider doing to maximise your merriment.

Pack well before you go and cruise through your trip and check-ins with piece of mind. Organise your luggage into easy to manage packing cubes and eliminate unnecessary items, whilst making things a cinch to locate if you do have to shuffle bits around. Also, it’s not the turkey or pudding you need to worry about - be kilo conscious with your suitcase! Avoid nasty excess baggage fees by pre-checking your bag weights with luggage scales and be sure to pack a dirty wash bag for any festy festive garments.

sleigh the packing

keep calm

2. Keep calm & carry on

Good headphones and a good neck pillow are like the gift that keeps on giving, so you definitely need to pack yours, but remember to purchase a headphone jack adapter so they are compatible with the jack on the plane. You can now recline and watch Home Alone for the 41st time in the surround sound brilliance that it deserves.

Hydration equals happiness, so keep a water handy and tuck some moisturiser, lip balm and rosewater spray into your carry on toiletry bag to keep you feeling fresh as a daisy throughout your journey.

Just ask Santa, packing right when flying the skies, is everything. 

3. Transit with all the trimmings

It’s Christmas, so treat yo’self! Fancy up your boarding pass with an elegant monogrammed travel wallet or passport holder and proudly don your documents in only the finest of the season!

Keep the sparkle going by grabbing a glass of pre-flight bubbles at the bar or splurging on a massage or facial if you’re lucky enough to have one located at your airport terminal. ‘Tis the season to be indulgent!

transit trimmings

be like the wise men

4. Ignorance is not bliss.
Be like the wise men.

With travel laws changing all the time, it’s never been more important to check security regulations for the country you’re bound for, even if you ‘ve been there before. There are countless websites to keep you updated of any information you should know – Smart Traveller is a great resource and place to start for all Australian travellers, but in particularly if travelling to the USA there is a new ESTA visa waiver program for short-term visitors. Apply online before you go as not to encounter any visa problems when you arrive there.

Pass the egg nog! Speaking of laws, at this time of year especially, it’s tempting to stock up on duty free alcohol (Aunt Mavis just loves a drop or two of Baileys and that Santa bloke tends to get stuck into the brandy). It’s good to remember that most countries have limits on the volume of alcohol you can bring in duty free – so if you’re unsure, check with the duty free staff before filling up the stockings with your favorite tipples.

5. Little things for the little ones

How do you keep your little elves out of mischief? Games, movies and old-fashioned bribery! Hit-up the App store and download some Christmas themed movies and games for the kids to use before embarking on your trip and ensure you have plenty of chargers and cable’s at-the ready. Your charger and cable bag will make certain the entertainment never ends!

If tech, games and movies are not the answer you could encourage the pen to paper approach and take a copy of Emily Bone’s 100 Things To Do on a Plane, voted one of the 'Top Ten Toys to Take on a Flight' in an experiment by British Airways and child psychology expert Professor Robert Winston.

Overall, try to make the trip fun and comfortable for your little angels. They too can snuggle up with a travel buddy neck pillow. Who knows, they may even snooze the whole flight! They say miracles happen at Christmas. 

Peace on earth, it’s the holidays! Take some time to truly unwind and give yourself a break. If you’re lucky enough to be travelling, pack a book, a sense of humor and take some deep breaths. Whether you’ve decided to escape to a tropical island solo or you’re headed abroad to stay with your somewhat mad extended family, enjoy the Christmas-y chaos (even getting there) and try to take the tempo down a few notches. The holidays can be truly special time of rest and rejuvenation, so soak it all in!

little things for little ones


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