Whether your new to Packing Cubes or a seasoned pro, we round out our Top 5 tips for utilising your Packing Cubes. 

1. Get organised - plan your outfits by day or activity so you know exactly how much you really need to pack to avoid unnecessary weight and hassle. By grouping your Cubes by outfit, category or activity you will easily find what you are looking for and you won't destroy your perfectly packed suitcase searching for those pants, or that top. Remember to plan for the weather and only take only what you will need.

2. Roll instead of fold - even easier than folding, you will be surprised how much you can actually fit in to each Cube just by rolling your clothes. Bonus, it also minimises wrinkles in your clothing!

3. Packing for more than 1 person? Buy multi coloured Packing Cubes to easily identify belongings in your suitcase. This is a great solution when packing for multiple kids. 

4. Maximise space - once you know what to take, plan what you want to pack in each case to ensure you are maximising space. Example guide - Large Packing Cube: large or bulkier items such as jumpers, jeans, pants or maxi dresses. Medium Packing Cube: t-shirt and tops, activewear, shorts, skirts and dresses. Small Packing Cube: socks, underwear, swimwear, belts, accessories or even toiletries. 

5. Clothing protectors - because sometimes the hotel room doesn't look exactly like the pictures... keeping your belongings stored inside your Packing Cubes and placed inside drawers and cupboards will protect clothes and valuables from contact with dust, dirt or any other nasties that might be lurking. 
They are also washable for ease of use!

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