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Luggage Testing

Luggage Testing

Our products are designed, manufactured and extensively tested to withstand the rigours of today’s travel. All our products go through a stringent testing process and are subject to extreme quality controls.

rigorously tested

Rigorously Tested

To ensure the highest level of quality and durability, we put our products and materials through a battery of tests.

Colour fastness to rubbing
Colour fastness to water
Water repellency
Antibacterial lining test
Lining Free of AZO dyes
Lining Free of formaldehyde
Operational forces
Handle jerk
Handle repeated lifting test
Telescopic handle jerk
Telescopic handle bending strength
Telescopic handle collapsing strength
Drop test
Tumble test
Impact test
Corner guard test
Running test
Gliding ability
Stairs and road conditions

Running Test

This test is run for the equivalent of 25km. The suitcase is loaded with up to 20kg and placed on a treadmill/running machine at a speed equivalent to 5 km/h. The surface has bumps and ridges to simulate uneven terrain.

running test
tumble test

Tumble Test

The case is loaded up with up to 18kg and placed inside a rotating chamber full of obstacles; designed to maximize high drops and hard impacts – simulating rough handling during transport. The test is run for 25 cycles.

Drop Test

The suitcase is loaded with up to 20kg. It is then dropped on each surface, edge, and corner from a height of 60 cm. Additionally, the corner guards are also tested by being suspended and dropped on each corner 5 times.

drop test
handle test

Handle Test

The suitcase is loaded with up to 60kg and suspended in the air by the top and side handle. It is lifted and held for 20 seconds. The suitcase is also loaded with up to 20kg by the top and side handle, lifted 5cm and put down repeated for 10,000 times.

Lifting Test

The suitcase is loaded with up to 20kg and suspended in the air by the telescopic handle. It is lifted and jerked. This cycle is repeated 500 times.

lifting test