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Our luggage is rigorously lab tested to human exhaustion.
Free shipping over $99.00 worldwide.
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Our luggage is rigorously lab tested to human exhaustion.
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Globite has been in the business of supporting Aussie travelers since 1911 with our products, our knowledge and our commitment to enhancing the travel experience for everyone. So today we detail out a Guide to Using Packing Cubes to delve deeper into the long-standing travel secret and help you either learn more about them or rediscover why you loved packing cubes to begin with.

The Basics of the Packing Cube

Packing cubes are essentially organisers for your luggage. They can be called travel cubes, packing cells, or travel organisers depending on use or retailer. We proudly call them Globite Packing Cubes. They can be split by function as compression bags, garment bags or underwear cubes. They usually come in sets of differing sizes with increasing volume capacities for larger and/or more items to be packed. Packing cubes offer a solution for those who either:

  • Need to streamline pre-and-post-travel routines.


    • Need to organise within limited carrying spaces.

    The reason they are a practised traveler’s secret is simple: they make your clothing, shoes and anything else occupy smaller, tighter spaces thereby improving how well what you pack stays packed. If you travel light, with choice sets of clothing, and a pre-prepared travel kit for a tight trip, packing cubes wouldn’t be great help. For everybody else, there’s packing cubes (or panic buying in the departures lounge).

    The Packing Cube Advantage

    Here are a few reasons why and how packing cubes can better any travel experience:

    • Organises your clothes, shoes, electricals, and more into different, compact sets that save space in your luggage.
    • Makes each pocket of organised clothing imminently identifiable and accessible, thereby reducing the likelihood of a mess created looking for specific contents.
    • Reduces travel stress by removing the need to unpack and repack everything to access some things, as the contents that are untouched remain organised.
    • Separates used and fresh clothes, shoes from clothing, and underwear & socks from the rest of the luggage.
    • Multiple sizes for multiple uses, a fit for every piece of packing.
    • Machine-washable nylon construct enabling repeat use and long term use.
    • Excellent at home solutions for storage for seasonal or rarely used clothing! Use packing cubes for travel off-season storage organisers keeping your hibernating clothes wrinkle-and-dust-free in longer term storage.

    Packing Cubes & You

    Packing cubes bring order to the potential chaos of what could be a backpack or suitcase full of unfolded, unsorted clothes. The mess rears its ugly head usually 2-3 days into the trip, when you were just looking for that particular shirt or matching pairs of socks and end up with bedlam in a bag. To save yourself from the hassle of sorting, folding, packing, unpacking and repacking your entire collection of clothes, electricals, shoes and shopping, we cannot recommend packing cubes enough.


    Globite Packing Cubes boast a host of features packed (sorry) into an easy to use, lightweight fun travel organisation solution.

    The 4 Piece Packing Cubes: The mainstay for any packing solution, with 4 sized individual cubes geared to suit short-to-long-haul trips. Mesh panels to easily identify contents, two-way zippers for easy access, extra zippered pockets on the back for extra storage and carrying & hanging loops for storage and movement in & out of luggage.

    The Weekender: The nifty do-it-all with dual compartments, split by a mesh lining made of 3 pockets. Fits comfortably inside your go-to luggage and can slip onto extended trolley handles.

    The Dual-Compartment Packing Cubes: The Double Sided Packing Cubes are the rugged, reliable workhorse aimed to help the carry-on only traveler organise and sort with ease. Each cube in the 3 piece set has dual compartments, accessible by two-way zippers, with a mesh panel on one side. Perfect to organise by day, set or look.

    Specialized Bags: These bags are purpose built to optimally house their intended wards for your trip and are named as such. Globite’s laundry bags, shoe bags, charger & cable bags are all built to perform, and should be go-to organisation accessories.

    Sizes, Colors & More

    Depending on the dimensions of the packing cubes, they can contain a set number of garments and/or shoes, and can be contained in a backpack or suitcase large enough.

    Going by Globite packing cube sizes:

    Extra Small Bag

    • Great for socks, underwear, accessories, and more!
    • Can be used as a electricals bag in a pinch too!
    • Dimensions - 22cm in Height x 16cm in Width x 8cm in Depth

    Small Bag

    • Suited for all the lighter garments like shirts, tops, gym gear or dresses.
    • Dimensions - 31cm in Height x 20cm in Width x 8cm in Depth

    Medium Bag

    • Optimal for packing bulkier items like denims, jackets, knitwear or jumpers.
    • Dimensions - 38cm in Height x 28cm in Width x 8cm in Depth

    Large Bag

    • The catchall for nearly all things to be packed.
    • Double up on towels, and extra clothing for a long-haul trip.
    • Dimensions - 45cm in Height x 33cm in Width x 8cm in Depth

    Match these up with some laundry bags, shoe bags, or cable & charger bags, and you’re all ready, set to pack.

    Globite Packing Cubes also come in fun color variations, that fit your aesthetic and/or your inner color coordinator. Check out Globite’s current range of colorways for packing cubes!

    Fit, Some for Everyone

    Once the pre-trip decisions of which pieces of luggage you’re traveling with, be it check-in suitcases, backpacks, check-in tote bags or all their powers combined, we can decide on which packing cube fits better into where.

    Again, going by Globite packing cube sizes:

    Cabin Size Luggage 40L (2-3 days of travel):

    • 1 Large + 1 Medium packing cube OR
    • 1 Large packing cube + 1 Laundry bag OR
    • 1 Large packing cube + 2 Shoe bags OR
    • 1 Large + 1 Small + 1 Extra Small packing cube + 1 Cable & Charger bag

    Medium Check-In Luggage 60L (4-7 days of travel):

    • 4 Piece packing cubes + 1 Cable & Charger bag OR
    • 1 Large packing cube + 1 Medium packing cube + 2 Shoe bags

    Large Check-In Luggage 100L (8-14 days travel):

    • 2x 4 Piece packing cubes + 2 Shoe bags OR
    • 4 Piece packing cubes + 1 Laundry bag + 2 Shoe bags

    The luggage sizes noted are here for maximising the use of individually sized packing cubes. For bags, backpackers or other styles of luggage, the associated volume estimate would be best approximation for fit.

    Fully Featured

    Globite packing cubes have been a growing part of our travel organisation offering for years, and come fully equipped with all the quality of life improving features available:

    • Breathable, lightweight design that keeps the packing cube and its contents feeling fresher for longer.
    • See-through mesh panels and two way zippers for better identification of and accessibility to contents of the packing cubes.
    • Carry handles and hanging loops to enhance maneuverability in and out of luggage.
    • Sturdy nylon design that keep your clothes dust-free that enable longer term, consistent and reliable use.
    • Extra zippered pockets to stowaway more!

    Packing Methods for Packing Cubes

    Once you’ve decided on which packing cubes you’re taking and which bags they fit into, comes the implementation phase of our plan - the packing of the cubes. There are several methods of packing that will help tame the chaos of almost any suitcase scenario. Here we discuss techniques like folding, rolling and compressing, and follow up with some tips to keeping the organisation top notch.

    Fold Reliable

    Goes without mention, the easiest and most common technique deployed for organising luggage is to fold the clothes going into them. Same holds for packing cubes, aligning folded clothes with the packing cubes, you can easily fit a ton of clothes into tight spaces. They’re easily accessible, easy to find, and easy to replace back into their original space when repacking.

    Ease of Technique: 10/10

    Space Efficiency: 5/10

    Pack’N Roll

    Rolling is a long standing space saving technique that is easy to use and keeps your clothes wrinkle-free. Lauded by flight attendants in the New York Times as their go-to packing method for long trips, rolling your folded clothes keeps their form intact, maximises space in the packing cube and opens up more room! The folding+rolling method still keeps everything easily accessible, easy to find, and just as easy to replace back.

    Ease of Technique: 7/10

    Space Efficiency: 10/10

    Under Pressure

    The new, up and comer in efficient travel packing innovation, compression bags. For some serious space saving sorcery/shenanigans/solutions, the process of squeezing excess air out of bulkier items like coats, suits or sporting gear with the use of compression bags and some good old fashioned elbow grease is the obvious choice. Globite Compression bags do not require external pumps or vacuums to function, just place the clothes in the bags, seal the bags shut and roll the air out. This method is useful for everyday storage too for space saving!

    Ease of Technique: 3/10

    Space Efficiency: 8/10

    While there are many other methods of packing more with less space, there are a few quality of life improvements regarding what one should even be looking to pack in the first place or how to improve what has been packed!

    Picky Packer

    One of the more rarely implemented travel wisdoms of ‘less is more’ when looking to save some space is one we hold to heart here at Globite. Packing smarter rather packing lots, where you maintain variety depending on the places you intend to go leaving options without over packing is a hard learned lesson, but an essential one.

    Don Your Sorting Hat

    Sorting and organising the content by associating colored individual packing cubes with function, fit or person can take away a lot of the hassle in finding your favourites in your luggage on-the-move. The brave, cold weather clothing in our Orange 4 Piece Sets, some powerful, formal clothing in the Light Grey Set, all the smart device accessories in our aptly named Cable & Charge bags, and your fun, light dresses in our Dusty Pink Set.

    Organising On-the-Move

    The real benefits of packing cubes show once you set off on your adventures. If you find yourself using your luggage as your mini-closet for the trip or settling in and using the storage spaces in your home away from home, your moments choosing, finding, unpacking & repacking anything from your well-organised luggage is going to feel like a breeze using Globite Packing Cubes.

    There and Back Again

    Most people on shorter or segmented trips find it easier to live out of their luggage and so rarely tend to unpack into hotel room/AirBnb closets. With packing cubes, either option of staying in the bag or using the storage spaces becomes significantly easier. All Globite packing cubes feature easy-to-use handles for easy access. The two-way zippers open up even in smaller spaces, and the mesh windows make it easier to identify the contents packed in the packing cubes. The sturdy nylon build lends to the packing cubes moving friction-free when being taken out of the bag while keeping the clothing inside dust-free!

    For extended stays, moving homes or anywhere in between, packing cubes provide excellent on-the-move protection against wrinkling and overall messiness. Once unpacked, the packing cubes can still be used as organisers for everyday items, your gym bag or your day-trekkers, or simply stowed away. Their lightweight build and design make them easy to bundle up into each successively bigger size to keep them stored for future use.

    Go Pack, Go!

    If you’re still unsure about which packing cubes or travel accessory would fit your next trips needs, Globite offers a diverse range of products to organise travel for everyone. Packing with packing cubes are one piece of travel wisdom Globite stands firmly behind, and cannot recommend enough!

    When your plans are all set, bags packed and you’re ready to head out, the final piece of the puzzle is to have fun!

    Find out more about Globite’s Packing Cube Collection here:

    Globite is the modern Australian travel brand with a rich heritage, offering a range of products that help travel organisation.

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