As Aussies, we love camping, its written in our DNA. And with the long weekend upon us, many of us are planning our long awaited getaway with family and friends. 

But if you can't stand thought of roughing it in the woods Glamping might just be the holiday for you. 

Glamping effortlessly fuses the fun of camping with the glamorous creature comforts of hotel stays, like a refrigerator stocked with champers...

Check out the following collection of some of the most luxurious 'glamp' spots from around the world... 

Nomadic Lodgings: Hoopoe Yurt Hotel in Andalucía, Spain

Tent Hotels: Banyan Tree in Madivaru, Maldives

Hiking the Mont Blanc Trail

Overnight Trek to Quebec City

Camp Hotels: Treehotel, Harads

Cave Hotel In Turkey

 Tiger Country Glamping

Camp Orenda, New York

Tell us which you prefer, a simple tent pitched in the woods or all the bells and whistles that a luxury holiday can offer? 





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