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Even for the most seasoned of travellers, layovers can be a grueling experience. Unless you’re lucky enough to be swanning around in a fabulous first class lounge mid-journey, chances are you are sore, tired and your intestines are probably wondering what exactly you just ate. Thankfully there are now many ways to pass time at some of the world’s major airports to lessen the trauma of travelling and have you (and your body) breezing through your stopovers like an absolute pro.


Get some Z’s

If you have trouble sleeping on flights, chances are by the time you’ve reached the midpoint in your journey you may be starting to get a bit of a werewolf vibe about you. Thankfully now many of the world’s airports are offering affordable and smart sleep solutions that will provide a welcome alternative to camping on the terminal floor. Many airports now house hotels that allow 4-hour stays, where you have the additional benefit of being able to shower. There are also nap cabs and simple sleep pods available for rental. These godsends can provide valuable hours of privacy and some very welcome respite from the commuter hustle and bustle.

If you travel often, it may be worth joining an independent airport lounge program, allowing you to access to lounge facilities you may have thought were not available to you. A snooze and a shower is a foolproof way to restore your sense of humor for the remainder of your journey.

sleeping pods at helsinki airport

Sleeping pods at Helsinki Airport


Limber up

Get the blood flow back in the right direction with an airport workout.  If yoga’s your jam and you’re happen to be in the right airport you can now attend dedicated yoga rooms to practice in comfort.  With all the benefits that yoga provides for the body, mind and soul, it’s easy to see why travellers are getting downward dog with this savvy option during their journey. If you don’t happen to be at an airport that offers this – the good news is you can still strike a couple of poses near a spare boarding gate or aisle.  Don’t worry too much about any unwanted spectators, after all - you will be upgraded to zen-master status for the remainder of your flight.

If it’s cardio you crave, a quick jog around the terminal is also available, but remember to pack a change of clothes and make sure your follow airport guidelines when leaving and returning to your gate.

yoga dallas fort worth airport

Yoga at Dallas Fort Worth Airport


Get the massage

Massage has to be ultimate way to relieve your crooked muscles after hours in a half-sleep, lying face down on your tray table. Nothing says ‘ultimate travel treat’ like a full body massage, facial or manicure.  With many airports now offering a full variety of spa treatments, if you have the time you’d be forgiven for taking advantage of one of the many available services.  Spruce up your nails, have a foot massage or rejuvenate your dehydrated skin. In any case you will float rather than fly the rest of the way to your destination

beauty spa jfk airport

Be Relax: John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)


Eat, drink and be merry

It was a long time ago that pre-packaged sandwiches and percolated coffee were all you had to look forward to at the airports of the world. In 2017, the culinary world is your oyster at many a destination. World-class cuisine and drinks await you at many of the world’s airport hubs. So if your digestive system needs a break from the questionable little packages distributed on your flight, get stuck in to some of the best restaurants and lounge bars on offer. 

Airbrau Beer Garden Munich Airport

Airbrau Beer Garden, Munich Airport


Be an explorer

Ultimately, with time on your hands and nowhere to be, it is the perfect opportunity to check out the offerings of your mid-way point and make it part of the adventure. Do some research before you jet off and you may find exciting times await you. If you’re in Incheon, Seoul for instance, you could visit the ice rink or driving range. Singapore’s, Changi International Airport boasts a rooftop swimming pool and a movie theatre. You could be forgiven for thinking you were already on holiday!

changi airport singapore

Changi Airport, Singapore


Moving into the future, there’s no way you have to settle for a book and a hard-back chair for the duration of your transit. The sky is the limit! Make sure you do your homework but stick to the rules. You may even find yourself looking forward to your next stopover.

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