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hotel room germs

You’re checking into a hotel after a long flight. There is no better feeling. We all get excited for the crisp clean white sheets that are so perfectly tucked into that springy mattress. The warm soothing shower that has been beached to a T upon your arrival as if the hotel staff recognise the pain of a 14-hour flight. We get it; you’re excited to chuck on the matching robe and slipper that smell so perfectly of hotel detergent. And let’s not forget room service, a 2 A.M. tomato penne served with utensils still warm from the dishwasher. Oh! And the mini bar!

But more serious issues arise beyond the aesthetics of a room.

So, let’s take a step back. Hotels may not be as sterile as you’ve imagined. Lets be real. Your room may have been the 100th room the cleaners have tended to in one day and to be honest, they most likely have done a half asked job, rushed upon your arrival.

Try not to worry too much, we have a couple of answers that will help solve these germy issues. So, pack away your black light and read forth.

The first obvious answer to ensure that your stay in a foreign room is a sterile as possible, is to look it up!

In this day in age we have been blessed with the presence of technology. Web forums like and allow for past guests to write reviews about their stay and is the first evident red flag towards hotel services.

Just remember that hotels and hostels are checked annually for cleanliness, whereas services such as Airbnb and Bed & Breakfasts generally hide under the radar - bypassing regular check-ups.

Upon your arrival never be afraid to ask hotel staff for their star rating of cleanliness. This is public information that you as a guest have access too.

To get a generalised view of the quality of a hotel, look around. 

Whilst getting escorted to your room, the first dead giveaway is the facilities around you. Do they look clean? Dusted? How’s the carpet? Is there food trays left around the corridors? 
Always remember to do a visual check - first impressions always last.

So, you’re in your room now?

hotel germs avoid

The first thing you want to do is check your bed. 
A recent article posted by Travelat60 spoke a flight attended who has been staying in hotels for over 19 years, she gave one tip for travellers to always oblige by; “Don’t sleep on hotel sheets that don’t have creases from being folded!” (Read article)

A recent London couple who booked a room in a 5 star New York hotel was shocked when they pulled back there bed lien upon closer inspection of their room. (Watch video here)

According to a 2015 study, hotel and motel rooms are the third most common ground for bed bug infestations (Read article). EEEP. Trust us these guys are near impossible to get rid of and spread like a wildfire.

Oh and ditch the bedspread. Studies(Read article) say that staff rarely clean these, yet fluff and fold them at the end of the bed.

Hotel staff are also required to tend to your every need. So, if you are ever unsure of bed linen, you can also ask for fresh sheets or towels - you can even request to change rooms.

So, what is next? You ask.

You might want to think twice about changing the channel. According to Time Mag (Read article) your hotel remote control is the most bacteria-ridden surfaces. So, next time you pack, you may want to bring some anti-bacterial wipes with you.

Germ expert and professor of environmental health at the University of Arizona, Kelly Reynolds(Read article) mentioned the harm of using in room drinking glasses and utensils (unless they come wrapped in plastic or paper); “There is a difference between cleaning and disinfecting,” she said. Most of the time the utensils will touch a contaminated surface, to be them polished by a dirty cloth. 

In a study published in the journal Food and Environmental Virology(Read article), researchers planted a sample virus in a hotel room and then watched as cleaning staff spread it to several other rooms through one cleaning rag.

Do not fear, we have your back.

First of all, we gather you are travelling with our trusty Globite three-piece travel packing cubes (1). These are not only handing in the suitcase but are an excellent way to keep your clothes clean and tidy in hotel cupboards. If you do not have them, purchase them here! 
We also have a range of travel bags to help to keep your travel organised and safe from unnecessary contact with surfacing germs.

We defiantly recommend purchasing sanitisers and anti-material wipes to clean surfaces in your room. Our travel smart silicone 2 piece bottles(2) are perfect for holding liquids such as sanitisers, soaps etc. They are spill proof and less hefty than other purchased packaging.

globite travel products

Another way unnecessarily germs are often contracted is through touching products that are placed on contaminated surfaces such as bathroom bench tops. Globite’s womens toiletries bag (3) folds down and comes with a hook too - this way your beauty products can stay safe and clean.
 Never put your toothbrush on bathroom surfaces as hotel staff generally wipe down the bench with a dirty towel. A disaster waiting to happen.

As mentioned above, Surfaces such as the remote controls and lamp are one of the most contaminated areas in hotel rooms. You can purchase our Globite LED stretch lights (4) & mini flexible USB LED lights (5) to ensure to save you the hassle. These lights are lightweight and travel easy.

Before I leave you, I just want to remind you that not EVERY hotel room is swarming with germs. We are exposed to millions of germs a day, with few of them being dangerous. Every hotel has a different cleaning protocols. But it never hurts to have a look.

Safe Travels,
The Team at Globite.

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